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The Investment Module

What drives business investment in the EU? What holds it back?

The main module of the survey involves interviews with 12,800 SMEs and larger corporates across the EU and the US:

Who is invited to take part?

Panel respondents: Participants who took part in the previous wave of the survey in 2023 and provided their permission to be contacted again.

New respondents: Businesses with five employees or more from the non-financial corporate sector across the member states of the European Union and the US have been selected at random. Within these businesses, we are inviting the senior person who is best able to talk about his or her company’s investments.

Selected businesses are active in the economic categories listed under point C to J in the NACE database.

Preparing for the survey

To help you select the right person in your organisation to participate, and prepare for the interview, we have created a pre-interview questions sheet. Other participants have told us it is helpful to see these questions in advance.

What reassurances can we give about the survey?

We would like to reassure those taking part in the survey that:

If you have any doubt or would like more information about the survey, please contact Tonia De Mare at Teleperformance Knowledge Services (tonia.demare@teleperformance.com) or Julie Delanote at the European Investment Bank (eibis@eib.org).