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The Supply Chain Module

Changes to International Trade over the course of 2022  ?

The supplementary module is focusing on the extent to which businesses, who trade internationally, have had to adapt their supply chains, over the course of the last year, in light of world events.  Survey responses will be analysed to better understand the factors and concerns driving the evolution of supply chains of European firms.

This supplementary module will be undertaken online.

Who is invited to take part?

There are two groups who are being invited to participate in this research:

Selected businesses are active in the economic categories listed under point C to J in the NACE database.

What reassurances can we give about the survey?

We would like to reassure those taking part in the survey that:

If you have any doubt or would like more information about the survey, please contact Sarah McHugh at Ipsos (Sarah.McHugh@ipsos.com) or Julie Delanote at the European Investment Bank (municipality_survey@eib.org).